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Is your cherished Sprinter in need of a new engine? Look no further! Our facility houses an extensive inventory of both remanufactured and low-mileage used Sprinter engines for all generations and variations. Our knowledgeable team members are available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have about your Sprinter. Reach out to us for expert guidance.

1. Machining

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, advanced machinery, and over 30 years of engineering expertise, our technicians transform old components into like-new condition. During this process, we incorporate all available updates and improvements to guarantee a superior product.

2. 100% Cylinder Head Reconditioning

All valve guides are reconditioned to meet or exceed tolerances, and cylinder head valve seats receive a 3-angle cut for optimal sealing and flow. High-temp valve stem seals ensure excellent sealing and oil control, while valve stem heights and lash are measured to specification for peak engine performance. We also test the spring pressure on all valve springs.

3. 100% Crankshafts Reground

Precision crankshaft reconditioning for optimal engine performance.

All crankshafts are reground and polished to meet or exceed OE tolerances for clearance. They are demagnetized for equalized compression of cylinders and ground on index to ensure balanced running mates and smooth operation.

4. 100% Align Honed

Align honing for optimal block casting performance.

Block castings are align honed to provide the best surface finish for optimal bearing life, heat transfer, oil clearance, and alignment of the rotating assembly. This meticulous process involves the use of a specialized honing tool that removes a minute amount of material from the cylinder walls, creating a straight and round bore that results in improved ring sealing and piston stability.

5. 100% Deck Surfaces Resurfaced

Stronger head gasket seal through precision resurfacing

Engine blocks and cylinder heads are resurfaced to create the strongest possible head gasket seal.

6. 100% Cylinder Reconditioning

Optimal compression and oil control through diamond honing

Cylinders are plateau diamond honed to achieve the proper size and surface finish, ensuring the best compression and oil control.

7. Second Clean & Check

After a vigorous second cleaning process, Quality Control rechecks the engine

Following the precision machining process, components receive a final wash and inspection to ensure they are ready for assembly.

8. Assembly

Engine is assembled to test functionality by our team of seasoned professionals

Engines are assembled according to’s quality management system’s documented work instructions, using only NEW OEM INTERNAL PARTS to guarantee the highest quality.

9. Final Test

Thorough engine testing ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Each engine undergoes comprehensive testing, including checks for correct timing, compression, oil pressure, oil flow, knocking or unusual noises, and leaks. We also pressurize the finished assembly to verify water jacket integrity.

10. Shipping

Secure, hassle-free shipping and core return process for our engines.

We ship our engines in robust, returnable, high-impact crates, EXPRESS to our customers. These crates eliminate shipping damage and make core returns hassle-free. Moreover, they provide an easy way to return the core without complications. Once customers complete the removal of their old engine, they can place it back in the crate and contact us for pick-up.

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Leveraging over 30 years of expertise, Silverstar Engines ensures customers receive a durable Mercedes Sprinter Engine at the best price, with the attention they deserve.

At Silverstar Engines, our mission is to help customers find the perfect replacement engine for their Mercedes Sprinter. We carry all models of Mercedes Sprinter Engines, from the early 2001 versions to the latest 3.0L V6 diesel engines.

We remanufacture Mercedes Sprinter Engines daily, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Get back on the road quickly with our Express Shipping option.

Our commitment to remanufacturing engines and transmissions at Silverstar Engines is driven by our dedication to delivering products that meet or exceed factory specifications.

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